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Special Hazard Suppression Systems

Certain areas of a facility are important enough to require special systems to extinguish or control the spread of fire. This is where a Special Hazard Suppression System is introduced. Network infrastructure components and similar high value inventory can be damaged by standard water based sprinkler systems. Gaseous Clean Agent, Foam, Dry Chemical and Inert Gas agents are some examples of the types of systems that can mitigate this risk. With the correct design and arrangement, equipment that is mission critical can often be preserved by using alternate methods of detecting and suppressing fires before they can become fully involved. Using proper application guidelines and following model code requirements, systems designed and installed by Deep Blue Integration, Inc. can reduce replacement costs and down time in the event of a fire in the protected space without causing negative effects to occupants or equipment.banner-systems

Deep Blue Integration, Inc. is a member of the Fire Suppression Systems Association


We support and encourage NICET certification